Code Manufacturer PLC/Protocol Date Version Country Price
  AB2 Allen Bradley Data Highway (PLC-2) 06/02/1998 5.2 USA
  AB3 Allen Bradley SLC500 family, Data Highway 485 (DH-485) 05/28/2002 6.20 USA
  AB5 Allen Bradley Data Highway Plus (PLC-5) 05/28/2002 USA
  ABC Allen Bradley Data Highway (PLC-3) 02/05/1998 6.0 USA
  ABX Allen Bradley Control Logix Gateway, Ethernet TCP/IP 06/17/1998 5.0 USA
  AE Allen Bradley PLC 5 series E, SLC5/05, Ethernet TCP/IP 11/02/1999 5.50 USA Contact us
  AMX Vision Systems Limited Inter-Equipment Communications Protocol (IEC) 11/06/2000 AUS
  AP APEX PDnet Industrial Network, based on Arcnet communication 07/30/1997 5.0 D
  APC Applicom International Multi-protocol intelligent communication card 10/03/2006 F
  AS ABB ABB CS 31 communication module 02/17/1999 16.28 D
  AXM ERNITEC AXIOM, ADPRO 02/16/1999 5.50 F
  B2 B&R B&R 2000 Blue series - slave, Net2000 12/26/2001 5.1 A
  B2M B&R B&R 2000 Blue series - slave, Net2000 01/23/2004 A
  BAC ASHRAE BACnet protocol client 12/22/2004 USA Contact us
  BBK Bristol Babcock BBK 33XX controllers, BBK Synchronous/Asynchronous Protocol (BSAP) 04/04/1999 5.1 USA Contact us
  BCN ASHRAE BACnet protocol client 12/19/2006 USA Contact us
  BMC Elco BMC-12 / ASCII Protocol and Data Format 05/28/2002 6.20 IL
  BR B&R Industrie MININET CP30, CP31, CP40, CP41, CP60, CP80 03/08/2004 AU
  CER Siemens - Cerberus Division CH 8708 Maennendorf 2000 BMS Communication for CS1115/FC330A, phase 3 12/26/2001 6.10 CH
  CN Cincinnati Milacron EXc Host Interface, via RS485 08/11/1997 5.0 AU
  CNT Matsushita Matsushita Japan. (for Matsushita MEWTOCOL-COM ARDenmark_PROTOCOL) 03/01/2001 J
  CSC Cristplant a/s TCP/IP socket transport Protocol 07/28/1998 5.0 FIN
  CZ Siemens Cerberus CZ-10 Fire Alarm system, EIA-232D Protocol and Data Format 12/26/2001 CH Contact us
  DC Hartmann and Braun AG Digitric P 07/23/1998 5.1 D
  DNP Harris Various PLC's are supported. Distributed Network Protocol (DNP) 06/25/2002 6.20 CDN Contact us
  DO Electromatic Dupline Optolink 04/05/1999 5.2 DK
  DT2 Datam Flutec Datam Flutec gateways supporting DATBUS2 protocol 05/14/2004 F
  DUM Wizcon Systems Dummy driver 05/01/2002 10.18 F
  DUT Dutec I/O Plexer family of remote data acquisition units. Opto22 Optomux, 2-Pass Protocol 10/26/1997 5.0 USA
  DX Dixell Dixell DIXBUS 12/26/2001 6.10 F
  EA Eurotherm BISYNC protocol, ASCII 03/25/1998 9.52 GB
  EIB Siemens SIEMENS instabus EIB System, instabus EIB Protocol 06/23/2004 D Contact us
  EM Eurotherm EM1 02/28/1999 GB
  EN ENRAF ENRAF 08/09/1998 5.51 NL
  EP Elpas EIRIS Local Positioning System, Eiris SDK over Lonworks 03/21/2001 IL
  ES EST Remote FAST fire alarm panels CM1N , FAST Communication Interface (CIS) 05/01/2002 3.31 USA
  ET Eurotherm TCS binary protocol 10/09/1997 5.0 GB
  ETH Hitachi Hitachi H-series PLC's with EH-ETH Ehternet interface card. Hitachi H-protocol 09/01/2006 J
  EW Telemecanique Ethway, EPCUNI-TE/OS2 01/20/1998 5.0 F
  FEC Wizcon Systems Modem front-end system, central station VPI 08/24/1999 5.50 F
  FER Wizcon Systems Modem front-end system, remote station VPI 08/24/1999 5.50 F
  FGH FGH Controls Ltd FGH Controllers (450, 1000, 2000, 3000, RTA and ICU) 11/18/1997 5.0 GB
  FK Fike Intella Scan 2 Fire Alarm System, Protocol Unknown 05/28/2002 6.20 USA
  FLM ITT FLYGT MACTEC FMC series controllers, Aquacom ( ITT Flygt communication protocol) 12/26/1999 5.50 S
  FLY ITT FLYGT MACTEC FMC series controllers, Aquacom communications protocol 12/26/1999 5.50 S
  FW Telemecanique FIPWAY, FPCUNI-TE/OS2 02/23/1998 5.0 F
  G1 General Electric Series 90 PLC's: SNP AND SNPX Protocols ( RS485 ) 10/07/2004 USA
  G2 ABB PROCONTIC T200 Series 08/07/1997 5.0 D
  GB Gavish mb-71 , Communication protocol 07/23/1998 5.0 IL
  GF General Electric Series 90-70, 90-30, Ethernet TCP/IP 10/28/2005 USA Contact us
  GN Johnson Controls Johnson System 91, N2 Protocol 08/23/2006 USA Contact us
  GW Motorola MOSCAD RTUs are accessed in a client/server architecture by the MCP/T Gateway to provide a convenient connection to Wizcon using TCP/IP protocol 11/16/2004 IL Contact us
  HD Hilscher CIF30 cards for Profibus DP, Interbus-S and CanOpen 08/02/1999 5.51 D
  HI Hitachi Hitachi series EM II (CPM-E3)/COM2 protocol 03/18/1998 5.0 J
  HM HIMA HIMA Automation system family H51, expanded MODBUS RTU protocol 07/09/2003 11.56 D
  HT Hitachi H-series plc's 11/15/1999 J
  HV Siemens SINEC H1 protocol (INAT) 07/30/1997 5.0 D
  HZC Wizcon Systems RS232C to host computer 12/29/1997 5.0 F
  IM I.M.S I.M.S,Loss-In-Weight System Communication protocol 05/28/2002 IL
  IN INTROL INTROL DPC3000 RTU, Transparent Data Exchange Protocol IEC FT3 frame 08/21/1997 5.0 AUS
  INC Wizcon Systems Simulation driver 05/01/2002 17.43 F
  KB Klockner Moeller PS4-201-MM1 - SUCOM-B protocol 07/30/1997 5.0 D
  KC Kenelec Kenelec 7110 Multiplexor Processor, ""HA"" Protocol" 12/29/1997 5.0 USA
  KP KP RCMS RCI4000 , INTRAC protocol 11/12/1997 5.0 IL
  KTX Allen Bradley PLC-5, SLC500 family, DH Plus using 1784-KTX(D) PC card (not working with PCI card) 05/08/2002 6.20 USA Contact us
  KV Keyence KV-300, Ascii protocol 12/29/1997 5.0 USA
  KYT Koyo Direct Logic 205, DL240/DL450 CPU, Ethernet TCP/IP 04/05/1999 5.1 J
  LON Echelon Lonworks, using the LCA Object Server 10/03/2001 USA
  MA Matsushita FP0, FP-Sigma, FP1, FP2(SH), FP3, FP5, FP10(SH) PLCs, MEWTOCOL-COM protocol throw RS-232 10/18/1998 5.50 J
  MB Mitsubishi MELSEC-A (on ACPU and AnACPU) Mitsubishi FX2N PLC 06/30/1999 5.50 J
  MBE Mitsubishi MELSEC-A Ethernet 10/16/2003 J
  MD Modicon MODBUS ASCII 11/23/2004 USA
  ME Matsushita MEWNET, MEWTOCOL-COM protocol via TCP/IP (AFP3790, FP2-ET1) 05/19/2005 J
  MF Mitsubishi FX series / Monitor interface FX-232AW 07/30/1997 5.0 GB
  MIP Echelon Lonworks, OPC Server for LonWorksTM network USA Contact us
  MM Wizcon Systems Multi-Modem VPI 03/28/2007 F
  MO Wizcon Systems General MODEM VPI 03/27/2003 15.33 F
  MP Modicon ModConnect Host Interface Adapter, Modbus Plus 07/30/1997 5.0 USA
  MPI Siemens SIMATIC S7-300/400, MPI Interface and PC/MPI-Cable 05/03/2005 D
  MR Modicon MODBUS RTU, JBUS 02/01/2006 USA
  MRM Modicon MODBUS RTU, JBUS - Via Modem. 02/11/2004 USA
  MRP Modicon OPEN MODBUS/TCP ProtocolUS 12/21/2006 USA
  MTO Mettler Toledo Digital Indicator 8142, JN Port Continuous Output Format 07/30/1997 5.0 NL
  MZ Mintz systems EAGLE multi-zone security and control system 03/28/1999 6.50 IL
  MZN Mintz systems EAGLE control system. EAGLE internal protocol 09/06/2000 5.51 IL
  NC3 Siemens - Cerberus MK7022 PLC,The communication protocol is based on elements of the ISO 1745 standard 01/30/2002 CH
  NF Notifier AM2020 Fire Alarm Control Panel, EIA-232D Protocol and Data Format 02/02/2000 5.50 USA
  NTS Cutler-Hammer NetSolver Interface, Internal protocol 01/11/1998 5.4 USA
  OA Omron AnyNet (Sysmac Link and Sysmac Net) with FINS and C Commands 07/30/1997 5.0 J
  OE Opto 22 Opto 22, Ethernet TCP/IP 08/19/1997 5.0 USA
  OE5 Omron E5..K digital and E5..J temperature controller series 11/21/1997 5.0 F
  OM Omron SYSMAC family 07/30/1997 5.0 J
  OMC Observator OMC 2650 Data Capture Control Unit. ASCII Protocol 04/06/1999 5.50 NL
  OMR Omron Any Omron PLC via any Omron media, FinsGateway using Fins protocol 02/21/2005 J
  OPC Wizcon Systems Ole Process Control (OPC) 07/11/2007 F
  P1 Philips PC20, MC30, MC31, MC41 11/08/1998 5.0 NL
  P8 Philips P8 PLC, PPCCOM - Protocol 08/11/1997 5.0 NL
  PH Hilscher PROFIBUS standard, FMS (layer 7) or FDL (layer 2) 01/03/2000 5.50 D
  PHV Philips Philips LTC 8600 series /console language protocol 03/21/2001 USA
  PM General Electric Series 90-70, 90-30, PCIM 06/02/2002 5.51 USA Contact us
  PMS Particle Measuring Systems AirNet devices. Ethernet TCP/IP protocol 02/15/2001 6.0 USA
  PR Perax P200, P200-X and Arlequin using J-bus protocol 01/19/2006 F
  PR1 Landis and Gyr Special Unsolicited ASCII Protocol 04/05/1999 5.3 CH Contact us
  PRM Perax P200 and P200-X (Multi Modem Version) 01/11/2006 F
  PRV Landis and Staefa PRV2 Controllers. TTY1 or TTY2 (V.24) ASCII Protocol 03/09/2004 CH Contact us
  PS Moeller PS 32, PS 316, PS306 - SUCOM-A 11/03/1999 5.50 D
  RAN Wizcon Systems Random driver 05/01/2002 10.20 F
  RC RKC REX series controllers 07/12/2000 5.50 J
  RL Red Lion Controls TCU, PCU controllers 07/30/1997 5.0 GB
  RZ RKC REX-F400, REX-F700, REX-F900 04/30/2001 5.50 J
  S2 Siemens SIMATIC S7-200 CPU-214, ASCII protocol 10/06/2004 D
  S24 Sauter EY 2400, Sauter substation network 07/21/2006 CH Contact us
  S2F Sauter ULT 2400, Sauter substation network 07/30/2000 5.50 CH
  S2N Sauter Numotel-EY 2400, Sauter substation network 11/30/2005 CH
  S3 Siemens 135U through programming port 08/11/1997 5.0 D
  S36 Sauter Sauter 290 / 291 Router. Sauter EY 3600 Protocol 09/04/2007 CH Contact us
  S4 Matsushita for Matsushita MEWTOCOL-COM ARDenmark_PROTOCOL 02/28/2001 J
  S9 Scantronic 9500 Series, Ascii Protocol 07/15/1997 5.0 CH
  SA Satec Satec powermeters 01/28/1999 5.1 IL
  SB Saia PCD1, PCD2, PCD4 and PCD6 with SAIA S-BUS or P8 Protocol 04/20/2004 CH
  SBT Saia SAIA PCD and PCS1 family of PLC's. SAIA S-BUS or P800 Protocols via serial line, modem and TCP/IP supported 02/23/2005 CH
  SC Satt Control (Alfa Laval) COMLI Protocol 08/11/1997 5.0 S
  SD Square D SY/MAX PLC's, SY/MAX Protocol 08/12/1999 5.50 USA
  SE Square D SY/MAX Ethernet IEEE 802.3 Extended 05/07/2002 5.50 USA Contact us
  SG Samsung BRAIN SPC-10/100/300, Binary protocol 03/27/2003 15.33 ROK
  SH1 Siemens Siemens SIMATIC S5 and S7 family, H1 protocol 11/06/2003 D
  SI Siemens Siemens 3964 with RK512 05/29/2002 6.20 D
  SK Skako SKAKO protocol 03/21/2001 F
  SKT Silent Knight 5820 IntelliKnight system, Gateway command set protocol 07/18/2002 USA
  SNK Shinko technos corporation ltd PC-935 03/26/2000 J
  SO Sofrel CS100 / SOFBUS-PC SATELITE S10,S15,S50 10/23/2007 F
  SOM Sofrel SOFREL PL DEVICES. SOFBUS POSTE LOCAL Protocol Via Modem 12/17/2007 F
  SPA Visonetix Spider Alert communication protocol 03/06/2001 5.50 IL Contact us
  SRP Sharp ASCII protocol, PLC's: Satellite JW10, Satellite JW20 08/06/2001 6.0 J
  ST7 Siemens SIMATIC S7-300/400, MPI Interface and PC/MPI-Cable 12/26/2000 5.52 D Contact us
  STP Siemens Siemens SIMATIC S5 and S7 family, TCP/IP and RFC 1006 06/04/2007 D Contact us
  STR Wizcon Systems General purose string gates driver 10/16/2003 F
  SY Siemens 95U, 100U, 115U through programming port 02/17/2000 5.51 D
  T1 Texas Instruments 545 family, Transparent Byte Protocol 07/01/1997 5.0 USA
  T4 Texas Instruments Texas Instruments TI405 with 435 CPU 12/04/2003 USA
  TFX Grinnell Autocall TFX-500M /ASCII Protocol and Data Format 05/29/2002 6.20 USA
  TI Texas Instruments Texas Instruments USA 505/500 series, Non-Intelligent Terminal Protocol 08/03/1998 5.0 USA
  TIP Texas Instruments 545 family , CAMP, TCP/IP protocol using CP-2572 04/04/1999 5.1 USA Contact us
  TIW Texas Instruments Texas Instruments USA 505/500 series, Simatic TI CVU Tiway Adapter Card 10/16/2003 USA
  TO TOA Corporation Communication protocol for MU-110 between PC and Exchange 07/20/2000 J
  TPC PC Soft Communication protocol for ModBus and Jbus Plc 06/06/2000 IL
  TRK Trane Tracker panel ver. 6.2 01/04/2000 5.50 USA
  TSC TESCOM ER3000 pressure controller, Serial ASCII protocol 05/01/2002 6.0 USA
  TW Texas Instruments TIWAY - using the Non-Intelligent Terminal Protocol ( NITP ) 11/05/1998 USA
  TX Techno Trade TBOX/JBUS 03/27/2003 B
  UM Schneider Automation - Telemecanique UNITELWAY MASTER, UNI-TE messaging 10/04/1999 5.51 F
  UX Unitronics Minicon, PCOM-NET Protocol 12/25/2001 6.10 IL
  VCR Mitsubishi, RS-232 serial ASCII communication protocol for VCR HS-7168 12/27/2000 J
  VG VG Gas Analysis Systems VG Gas Analysis Prima 600 mass spectrometer. VG Communications Protocol 10/15/1998 5.0 GB
  VNI Echelon Lonworks, OPC Server for LonWorksTM network USA Contact us
  VS Visonic Ltd, RS-232 ASCII Serial Communication Protocol 06/12/2000 AUS
  VSA Visonic VXS-100 communication protocol 05/26/2002 IL
  VTR Dexon System ltd Ethernet TCP/IP 07/18/2002 6.20 H
  WIT Wit Force and Clip, TRSII protocol (serial and Multi-Modem version) 12/15/2003 F
  WN Westinghouse NUMA_LOGIC family , Westnet II Data Highway 12/05/2000 5.51 USA
  WZP Wizcon Systems Wizcon - WizPLC Communication Driver 09/28/2004 F
  XC ABB EXCOM for MasterPiece 200 01/15/1998 5.0 S
  Y4 Yokogawa 3760, 4082 Chart Recorder, Via Multidrop RS422 12/18/1997 5.1 J
  Y6 Yokogawa Single-Loop controller, YS100 series. 07/30/1997 5.0 J
  YF Yokogawa Factory Ace FA-M3 , Ethernet TCP/IP 03/09/1999 5.1 J
  YO York YORK chiller family, YORK TALK comms TRANSLATOR + (XL) 03/27/2003 15.33 USA
  ZN Izumi Izumi FA1, FA2, FA3S and Micro1 PLC 's. Izumi 1:N network 07/28/1998 5.3 J