Code Manufacturer PLC/Protocol Date Version Country Price
  S3 Siemens 135U through programming port 08/11/1997 5.0 D
  Y4 Yokogawa 3760, 4082 Chart Recorder, Via Multidrop RS422 12/18/1997 5.1 J
  TIP Texas Instruments 545 family , CAMP, TCP/IP protocol using CP-2572 04/04/1999 5.1 USA Contact us
  T1 Texas Instruments 545 family, Transparent Byte Protocol 07/01/1997 5.0 USA
  SKT Silent Knight 5820 IntelliKnight system, Gateway command set protocol 07/18/2002 USA
  S9 Scantronic 9500 Series, Ascii Protocol 07/15/1997 5.0 CH
  SY Siemens 95U, 100U, 115U through programming port 02/17/2000 5.51 D
  AS ABB ABB CS 31 communication module 02/17/1999 16.28 D
  PMS Particle Measuring Systems AirNet devices. Ethernet TCP/IP protocol 02/15/2001 6.0 USA
  NF Notifier AM2020 Fire Alarm Control Panel, EIA-232D Protocol and Data Format 02/02/2000 5.50 USA
  OMR Omron Any Omron PLC via any Omron media, FinsGateway using Fins protocol 02/21/2005 J
  OA Omron AnyNet (Sysmac Link and Sysmac Net) with FINS and C Commands 07/30/1997 5.0 J
  SRP Sharp ASCII protocol, PLC's: Satellite JW10, Satellite JW20 08/06/2001 6.0 J
  TFX Grinnell Autocall TFX-500M /ASCII Protocol and Data Format 05/29/2002 6.20 USA
  AXM ERNITEC AXIOM, ADPRO 02/16/1999 5.50 F
  B2 B&R B&R 2000 Blue series - slave, Net2000 12/26/2001 5.1 A
  B2M B&R B&R 2000 Blue series - slave, Net2000 01/23/2004 A
  BAC ASHRAE BACnet protocol client 12/22/2004 USA Contact us
  BCN ASHRAE BACnet protocol client 12/19/2006 USA Contact us
  BBK Bristol Babcock BBK 33XX controllers, BBK Synchronous/Asynchronous Protocol (BSAP) 04/04/1999 5.1 USA Contact us
  EA Eurotherm BISYNC protocol, ASCII 03/25/1998 9.52 GB
  BMC Elco BMC-12 / ASCII Protocol and Data Format 05/28/2002 6.20 IL
  CER Siemens - Cerberus Division CH 8708 Maennendorf 2000 BMS Communication for CS1115/FC330A, phase 3 12/26/2001 6.10 CH
  SG Samsung BRAIN SPC-10/100/300, Binary protocol 03/27/2003 15.33 ROK
  HD Hilscher CIF30 cards for Profibus DP, Interbus-S and CanOpen 08/02/1999 5.51 D
  SC Satt Control (Alfa Laval) COMLI Protocol 08/11/1997 5.0 S
  TPC PC Soft Communication protocol for ModBus and Jbus Plc 06/06/2000 IL
  TO TOA Corporation Communication protocol for MU-110 between PC and Exchange 07/20/2000 J
  ABX Allen Bradley Control Logix Gateway, Ethernet TCP/IP 06/17/1998 5.0 USA
  SO Sofrel CS100 / SOFBUS-PC SATELITE S10,S15,S50 10/23/2007 F
  CZ Siemens Cerberus CZ-10 Fire Alarm system, EIA-232D Protocol and Data Format 12/26/2001 CH Contact us
  AB2 Allen Bradley Data Highway (PLC-2) 06/02/1998 5.2 USA
  ABC Allen Bradley Data Highway (PLC-3) 02/05/1998 6.0 USA
  AB5 Allen Bradley Data Highway Plus (PLC-5) 05/28/2002 USA
  DT2 Datam Flutec Datam Flutec gateways supporting DATBUS2 protocol 05/14/2004 F
  MTO Mettler Toledo Digital Indicator 8142, JN Port Continuous Output Format 07/30/1997 5.0 NL
  DC Hartmann and Braun AG Digitric P 07/23/1998 5.1 D
  KYT Koyo Direct Logic 205, DL240/DL450 CPU, Ethernet TCP/IP 04/05/1999 5.1 J
  DX Dixell Dixell DIXBUS 12/26/2001 6.10 F
  DUM Wizcon Systems Dummy driver 05/01/2002 10.18 F
  DO Electromatic Dupline Optolink 04/05/1999 5.2 DK
  OE5 Omron E5..K digital and E5..J temperature controller series 11/21/1997 5.0 F
  MZN Mintz systems EAGLE control system. EAGLE internal protocol 09/06/2000 5.51 IL
  MZ Mintz systems EAGLE multi-zone security and control system 03/28/1999 6.50 IL
  EP Elpas EIRIS Local Positioning System, Eiris SDK over Lonworks 03/21/2001 IL
  EM Eurotherm EM1 02/28/1999 GB
  EN ENRAF ENRAF 08/09/1998 5.51 NL
  TSC TESCOM ER3000 pressure controller, Serial ASCII protocol 05/01/2002 6.0 USA
  VTR Dexon System ltd Ethernet TCP/IP 07/18/2002 6.20 H
  EW Telemecanique Ethway, EPCUNI-TE/OS2 01/20/1998 5.0 F
  CN Cincinnati Milacron EXc Host Interface, via RS485 08/11/1997 5.0 AU
  XC ABB EXCOM for MasterPiece 200 01/15/1998 5.0 S
  S24 Sauter EY 2400, Sauter substation network 07/21/2006 CH Contact us
  YF Yokogawa Factory Ace FA-M3 , Ethernet TCP/IP 03/09/1999 5.1 J
  FGH FGH Controls Ltd FGH Controllers (450, 1000, 2000, 3000, RTA and ICU) 11/18/1997 5.0 GB
  FW Telemecanique FIPWAY, FPCUNI-TE/OS2 02/23/1998 5.0 F
  S4 Matsushita for Matsushita MEWTOCOL-COM ARDenmark_PROTOCOL 02/28/2001 J
  WIT Wit Force and Clip, TRSII protocol (serial and Multi-Modem version) 12/15/2003 F
  MA Matsushita FP0, FP-Sigma, FP1, FP2(SH), FP3, FP5, FP10(SH) PLCs, MEWTOCOL-COM protocol throw RS-232 10/18/1998 5.50 J
  MF Mitsubishi FX series / Monitor interface FX-232AW 07/30/1997 5.0 GB
  MO Wizcon Systems General MODEM VPI 03/27/2003 15.33 F
  STR Wizcon Systems General purose string gates driver 10/16/2003 F
  HT Hitachi H-series plc's 11/15/1999 J
  HM HIMA HIMA Automation system family H51, expanded MODBUS RTU protocol 07/09/2003 11.56 D
  ETH Hitachi Hitachi H-series PLC's with EH-ETH Ehternet interface card. Hitachi H-protocol 09/01/2006 J
  HI Hitachi Hitachi series EM II (CPM-E3)/COM2 protocol 03/18/1998 5.0 J
  IM I.M.S I.M.S,Loss-In-Weight System Communication protocol 05/28/2002 IL
  DUT Dutec I/O Plexer family of remote data acquisition units. Opto22 Optomux, 2-Pass Protocol 10/26/1997 5.0 USA
  FK Fike Intella Scan 2 Fire Alarm System, Protocol Unknown 05/28/2002 6.20 USA
  AMX Vision Systems Limited Inter-Equipment Communications Protocol (IEC) 11/06/2000 AUS
  IN INTROL INTROL DPC3000 RTU, Transparent Data Exchange Protocol IEC FT3 frame 08/21/1997 5.0 AUS
  ZN Izumi Izumi FA1, FA2, FA3S and Micro1 PLC 's. Izumi 1:N network 07/28/1998 5.3 J
  GN Johnson Controls Johnson System 91, N2 Protocol 08/23/2006 USA Contact us
  KC Kenelec Kenelec 7110 Multiplexor Processor, ""HA"" Protocol" 12/29/1997 5.0 USA
  KV Keyence KV-300, Ascii protocol 12/29/1997 5.0 USA
  MIP Echelon Lonworks, OPC Server for LonWorksTM network USA Contact us
  VNI Echelon Lonworks, OPC Server for LonWorksTM network USA Contact us
  LON Echelon Lonworks, using the LCA Object Server 10/03/2001 USA
  FLM ITT FLYGT MACTEC FMC series controllers, Aquacom ( ITT Flygt communication protocol) 12/26/1999 5.50 S
  FLY ITT FLYGT MACTEC FMC series controllers, Aquacom communications protocol 12/26/1999 5.50 S
  CNT Matsushita Matsushita Japan. (for Matsushita MEWTOCOL-COM ARDenmark_PROTOCOL) 03/01/2001 J
  GB Gavish mb-71 , Communication protocol 07/23/1998 5.0 IL
  MB Mitsubishi MELSEC-A (on ACPU and AnACPU) Mitsubishi FX2N PLC 06/30/1999 5.50 J
  MBE Mitsubishi MELSEC-A Ethernet 10/16/2003 J
  ME Matsushita MEWNET, MEWTOCOL-COM protocol via TCP/IP (AFP3790, FP2-ET1) 05/19/2005 J
  UX Unitronics Minicon, PCOM-NET Protocol 12/25/2001 6.10 IL
  BR B&R Industrie MININET CP30, CP31, CP40, CP41, CP60, CP80 03/08/2004 AU
  NC3 Siemens - Cerberus MK7022 PLC,The communication protocol is based on elements of the ISO 1745 standard 01/30/2002 CH
  MD Modicon MODBUS ASCII 11/23/2004 USA
  MR Modicon MODBUS RTU, JBUS 02/01/2006 USA
  MRM Modicon MODBUS RTU, JBUS - Via Modem. 02/11/2004 USA
  MP Modicon ModConnect Host Interface Adapter, Modbus Plus 07/30/1997 5.0 USA
  FEC Wizcon Systems Modem front-end system, central station VPI 08/24/1999 5.50 F
  FER Wizcon Systems Modem front-end system, remote station VPI 08/24/1999 5.50 F
  GW Motorola MOSCAD RTUs are accessed in a client/server architecture by the MCP/T Gateway to provide a convenient connection to Wizcon using TCP/IP protocol 11/16/2004 IL Contact us
  MM Wizcon Systems Multi-Modem VPI 03/28/2007 F
  APC Applicom International Multi-protocol intelligent communication card 10/03/2006 F
  NTS Cutler-Hammer NetSolver Interface, Internal protocol 01/11/1998 5.4 USA
  WN Westinghouse NUMA_LOGIC family , Westnet II Data Highway 12/05/2000 5.51 USA
  S2N Sauter Numotel-EY 2400, Sauter substation network 11/30/2005 CH
  OPC Wizcon Systems Ole Process Control (OPC) 07/11/2007 F
  OMC Observator OMC 2650 Data Capture Control Unit. ASCII Protocol 04/06/1999 5.50 NL
  MRP Modicon OPEN MODBUS/TCP ProtocolUS 12/21/2006 USA
  OE Opto 22 Opto 22, Ethernet TCP/IP 08/19/1997 5.0 USA
  PRM Perax P200 and P200-X (Multi Modem Version) 01/11/2006 F
  PR Perax P200, P200-X and Arlequin using J-bus protocol 01/19/2006 F
  P8 Philips P8 PLC, PPCCOM - Protocol 08/11/1997 5.0 NL
  SNK Shinko technos corporation ltd PC-935 03/26/2000 J
  P1 Philips PC20, MC30, MC31, MC41 11/08/1998 5.0 NL
  SB Saia PCD1, PCD2, PCD4 and PCD6 with SAIA S-BUS or P8 Protocol 04/20/2004 CH
  AP APEX PDnet Industrial Network, based on Arcnet communication 07/30/1997 5.0 D
  PHV Philips Philips LTC 8600 series /console language protocol 03/21/2001 USA
  AE Allen Bradley PLC 5 series E, SLC5/05, Ethernet TCP/IP 11/02/1999 5.50 USA Contact us
  KTX Allen Bradley PLC-5, SLC500 family, DH Plus using 1784-KTX(D) PC card (not working with PCI card) 05/08/2002 6.20 USA Contact us
  G2 ABB PROCONTIC T200 Series 08/07/1997 5.0 D
  PH Hilscher PROFIBUS standard, FMS (layer 7) or FDL (layer 2) 01/03/2000 5.50 D
  PRV Landis and Staefa PRV2 Controllers. TTY1 or TTY2 (V.24) ASCII Protocol 03/09/2004 CH Contact us
  PS Moeller PS 32, PS 316, PS306 - SUCOM-A 11/03/1999 5.50 D
  KB Klockner Moeller PS4-201-MM1 - SUCOM-B protocol 07/30/1997 5.0 D
  RAN Wizcon Systems Random driver 05/01/2002 10.20 F
  KP KP RCMS RCI4000 , INTRAC protocol 11/12/1997 5.0 IL
  ES EST Remote FAST fire alarm panels CM1N , FAST Communication Interface (CIS) 05/01/2002 3.31 USA
  RC RKC REX series controllers 07/12/2000 5.50 J
  RZ RKC REX-F400, REX-F700, REX-F900 04/30/2001 5.50 J
  VS Visonic Ltd, RS-232 ASCII Serial Communication Protocol 06/12/2000 AUS
  VCR Mitsubishi, RS-232 serial ASCII communication protocol for VCR HS-7168 12/27/2000 J
  HZC Wizcon Systems RS232C to host computer 12/29/1997 5.0 F
  SBT Saia SAIA PCD and PCS1 family of PLC's. SAIA S-BUS or P800 Protocols via serial line, modem and TCP/IP supported 02/23/2005 CH
  SA Satec Satec powermeters 01/28/1999 5.1 IL
  S36 Sauter Sauter 290 / 291 Router. Sauter EY 3600 Protocol 09/04/2007 CH Contact us
  G1 General Electric Series 90 PLC's: SNP AND SNPX Protocols ( RS485 ) 10/07/2004 USA
  GF General Electric Series 90-70, 90-30, Ethernet TCP/IP 10/28/2005 USA Contact us
  PM General Electric Series 90-70, 90-30, PCIM 06/02/2002 5.51 USA Contact us
  SI Siemens Siemens 3964 with RK512 05/29/2002 6.20 D
  EIB Siemens SIEMENS instabus EIB System, instabus EIB Protocol 06/23/2004 D Contact us
  SH1 Siemens Siemens SIMATIC S5 and S7 family, H1 protocol 11/06/2003 D
  STP Siemens Siemens SIMATIC S5 and S7 family, TCP/IP and RFC 1006 06/04/2007 D Contact us
  S2 Siemens SIMATIC S7-200 CPU-214, ASCII protocol 10/06/2004 D
  MPI Siemens SIMATIC S7-300/400, MPI Interface and PC/MPI-Cable 05/03/2005 D
  ST7 Siemens SIMATIC S7-300/400, MPI Interface and PC/MPI-Cable 12/26/2000 5.52 D Contact us
  INC Wizcon Systems Simulation driver 05/01/2002 17.43 F
  HV Siemens SINEC H1 protocol (INAT) 07/30/1997 5.0 D
  Y6 Yokogawa Single-Loop controller, YS100 series. 07/30/1997 5.0 J
  SK Skako SKAKO protocol 03/21/2001 F
  AB3 Allen Bradley SLC500 family, Data Highway 485 (DH-485) 05/28/2002 6.20 USA
  SOM Sofrel SOFREL PL DEVICES. SOFBUS POSTE LOCAL Protocol Via Modem 12/17/2007 F
  PR1 Landis and Gyr Special Unsolicited ASCII Protocol 04/05/1999 5.3 CH Contact us
  SPA Visonetix Spider Alert communication protocol 03/06/2001 5.50 IL Contact us
  SE Square D SY/MAX Ethernet IEEE 802.3 Extended 05/07/2002 5.50 USA Contact us
  SD Square D SY/MAX PLC's, SY/MAX Protocol 08/12/1999 5.50 USA
  OM Omron SYSMAC family 07/30/1997 5.0 J
  TX Techno Trade TBOX/JBUS 03/27/2003 B
  CSC Cristplant a/s TCP/IP socket transport Protocol 07/28/1998 5.0 FIN
  ET Eurotherm TCS binary protocol 10/09/1997 5.0 GB
  RL Red Lion Controls TCU, PCU controllers 07/30/1997 5.0 GB
  T4 Texas Instruments Texas Instruments TI405 with 435 CPU 12/04/2003 USA
  TI Texas Instruments Texas Instruments USA 505/500 series, Non-Intelligent Terminal Protocol 08/03/1998 5.0 USA
  TIW Texas Instruments Texas Instruments USA 505/500 series, Simatic TI CVU Tiway Adapter Card 10/16/2003 USA
  TW Texas Instruments TIWAY - using the Non-Intelligent Terminal Protocol ( NITP ) 11/05/1998 USA
  TRK Trane Tracker panel ver. 6.2 01/04/2000 5.50 USA
  S2F Sauter ULT 2400, Sauter substation network 07/30/2000 5.50 CH
  UM Schneider Automation - Telemecanique UNITELWAY MASTER, UNI-TE messaging 10/04/1999 5.51 F
  DNP Harris Various PLC's are supported. Distributed Network Protocol (DNP) 06/25/2002 6.20 CDN Contact us
  VG VG Gas Analysis Systems VG Gas Analysis Prima 600 mass spectrometer. VG Communications Protocol 10/15/1998 5.0 GB
  VSA Visonic VXS-100 communication protocol 05/26/2002 IL
  WZP Wizcon Systems Wizcon - WizPLC Communication Driver 09/28/2004 F
  YO York YORK chiller family, YORK TALK comms TRANSLATOR + (XL) 03/27/2003 15.33 USA