Wizcon tools

AutoLogTo enables to login to a Wizcon application with a predefined standard user. This program will monitor mouse and keyboard and if no activity is detected within the timeout period, it will login to the application with the predefined standard user.

 AutoLogTo V1.3 - Setup (English)   637 KB
 AutoLogTo V1.3 - Setup (French)   645 KB
HisManager is used to manage Wizcon History files as FIFO Stack. This program deletes old History files in order to keep files from the last X days. HisManager manages Alarm files (AL*.* files) and Data files (GT*.* files).
English and french Exe files can be downloaded from our Expert Site.

 Hismanager V3.1- Help file (English)   113 KB
Uniterr has been designed to manage communication errors. Each time a valid tag is received, the value 0 will be assigned to a dummy tag (Status) associated to each PLC tags from the list. Each time a communication error is received the value 1 will be assigned to the status tag.

 UnitErr V3.0 - Setup   575 KB
UnitErr V3.0 - Setup
 UnitErr V3.0 - Setup   598 KB
Wizoracle allows you to record tag values to Oracle 8.0 database. This addon uses BDE native link.
Demo version

 WizOracle 2.13 - Setup (French)   9 MB
 WizOracle 2.17 - Setup (English)   10 MB
 WizOracle 2.17 - Setup (French)   10 MB
WizTrgVpList enables to select a window to load within a predefined list.
WizTrgVpList is a Wizcon FastAction.
English DLL file can be downloaded from our Expert Site.

 WizTrgVpList V3.0 - Help file (English)   258 KB

 BuildingDemo 1.1 (Wizcon 9.1.5) - Install   12 MB

Latest Wizcon Remote Upgrade Service
 Remote Upgrade Service Utility   8 MB